SPARK – caring for our community!

When it comes to empowering members of the local community to pursue further education to improve long-term employability, SPARK has it.

For the 15 participants of all ages registered to attend the latest initiative – the Belconnen Community Care Pre-Employment Program – 18 and 19 July were exciting days, as they met for the first time during orientation ahead of course kick-off the following week. This initiative is a partnership between SPARK, CIT and Belconnen Community Service.

The five-month program will provide participants with classroom and hands-on learning and industry work experience placements.  On completion they will receive a Certificate III in Individual Support, a Senior First Aid certificate, and real employment pathways in the community care sector.

The Community Care Program is about two sectors of care. The first is Home and Community care, which assists older people with everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, personal grooming and grocery shopping. The second is Disability care, which offers a similar service to those of any age with intellectual disabilities and mental health, but also includes social activities to encourage connections within their community.

The participants are all eager to get started:

“I’ve always loved helping people and this is all about helping.” – Sarah Lombard

“Working as a volunteer in an aged care facility opened my eyes … the smile on their faces when someone took the time to aid and talk to them was incredible.” – Cynthia Cvecic

“I really want to be part of a community I can give back to.” – Patrick Moran

SPARK’s Training and Employment Manager Emma Sckrabei is equally keen for the participants to get started in the Community Care program, which is the first of its kind for SPARK.

“ We’ve got a fantastic group of people enrolled in this program and I’m already looking forward to seeing them all at graduation in December. Seeing participants grow through our programs is so rewarding and they all have an exciting journey ahead”.

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