One vision, two jurisdictions – planning for the community

One of the unique features of the Ginninderry development is that subject to rezoning approval it will be the region’s first integrated cross-border development. This new community could provide a template for integrating residential development seamlessly across the ACT–NSW border, which will be necessary as the region grows in decades and generations to come.

The Gateway Determination issued by the NSW Minister for Planning has found that the proposed development has merit. Additional studies have been undertaken and community consultation for the rezoning is expected to commence in early 2017. Current forecast is a decision from both Yass Valley Council and the NSW Department of Planning late 2017.

The NSW part of the proposed development is landlocked by the ACT boarder, the Murrumbidgee River and Ginninderra Creek.

When the first NSW residents move in to their new homes in 2032 their only access to other parts of the Yass Valley will be through the ACT. This means it may be more efficient for the ACT to deliver some services and infrastructure to the community rather than from NSW.

When development in NSW is complete in 2055 its population of 13,000 will be roughly equivalent to the current population of Batemans Bay.

Services delivered to these NSW residents by the ACT Government and other ACT-based service providers could be paid for through rates collected by Yass Valley Council and through the Grants Commission for services such as health and education.

In order for this part of Ginninderry to become a new residential community the area needs to first be rezoned for urban development. For this to happen the NSW Government needs to be confident that services can be provided for future residents. The ACT Government also needs to be confident that providing services to this portion of NSW would not negatively burden ACT services and infrastructure.

Consequently, a significant amount of work, including extensive negotiations with Yass Valley Council and NSW and ACT Government agencies, has already been completed to identify options for how services and infrastructure could be funded and delivered. This covered the full spectrum of services from garbage collection to health, education and policing.

A cross-border services and infrastructure report will be released during the public notification period for this rezoning, scheduled for early 2017. In the meantime if you have any questions on this matter, please contact Sophie at the Kippax Project Office on 6255 1158. We are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss these matters in detail.


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