Munazza Anas Participant Profile

Originally from Pakistan, Munazza Anas was a stay-at-home mother of a thirteen-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl. She wanted to go out and get a job, but with no formal qualifications in Australia and poor English speaking ability it would be difficult.

Though she had never considered the Early Childhood Education and Care profession before, she’d picked up some skills as a mother, and when she heard about SPARK she applied and, after also considering their 2016 Admin program, became a participant in the Belconnen Community Services Childcare Program.

The program ran for six months split between classroom learning and placements in Belconnen Community Service (BCS)’s childcare centres. It’s graduates, Munazza included, received a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, a Senior First Aid certificate and a 220-hour work placement.

The greatest challenge of the program for Munazza was the beginning “When I came in the classroom first day, so, I was very nervous.” But her apprehension was quickly resolved by the supportive and friendly nature of the CIT trainer and the rest of the participants.

The program not only taught her childcare, but also greatly improved her English, though she knows she still has a way to go, and improved her confidence in the Australian workplace.

She found it rewarding to finally be meeting new people. People who, many of them, became her colleagues when both she and they accepted employment with BCS soon after graduating.

Since then Munazza has continued with BCS, now working full time, and was there to welcome the participants of SPARK’s second childcare program. She’d like to continue with her studies and get a diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care as well.

Munazza has come a long way from where she was before the program, and she’s sure to go even further.