Meet Tulitha King – Ginninderry’s Community Development Manager

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    Tulitha King - Ginninderry's Community Development Manager

Who are the people behind Canberra’s most sustainable community? This week we meet Tulitha (Tuli) King, Ginninderry’s Community Development Manager.

Tuli’s role at Ginninderry is all about building a strong community. She works with residents and a wide range of stakeholders to understand community needs and develops initiatives that support strong connections to both people and place.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m most commonly known as Tuli which fondly reflects my Finnish roots and helps people avoid having to pronounce my slightly unusual name! My happy place is any bushland or forest and I’m passionate about people living in harmony with our planet. I’ve previously studied Psychology at Uni, as well as Sustainable Development, Community Development and Management.

What does your role bring to the Ginninderry project? 

I’m all about encouraging self-driven collaboration and I think we have such a wonderful, multicultural community at Ginninderry. I see my role as helping to support strong connections within the community so that it is a happy, healthy and kind place to live for all.

A fun fact?

There’s a couple!

In our 20s, my husband and I renovated a retro 1977 Bedford Bus into a Tiny House on wheels. It was a great project – frustratingly slow at times – but I acquired some good building skills. I’m pretty handy with a riveter these days!

A rather random fact about myself is that, growing up with four brothers, I became a bit of an ace Rugby League player. I used to get picked as captain when we played behind the teacher’s backs at school. Every now and then I’ll pick up the ball with my nephews, but I can hardly keep up!

Tulitha King – Ginninderry’s Community Development Manager

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