Meet Ross Hincksman – one of Ginninderry’s Sales Consultants

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Who are the people behind Canberra’s most sustainable community? This week we meet Ross Hincksman, one of Ginninderry’s Sales Consultants.


Ross is responsible for selling land and Flexi-living Homes at Ginninderry. With 23 years in the real estate industry, Ross has been able to help the sales team and clients get the best out of any situation. Ross has also been a mentor to a number of staff members and is the ‘go-to man’ when it comes to most real estate questions in the team.


What is your role at Ginninderry?

As a licensed agent and auctioneer, my role at Ginninderry is to provide the team and prospective purchasers with advice on real estate opportunities. This includes market trends, strategies and conditions and pricing for all our products.

With 23 years of experience in the real estate industry and growing up with a family in the construction industry, I have been able to assist many buyers in the search for their dream home or next investment opportunity. Having worked in the real estate industry for many years, I have developed a strong connection with many builders and other agents in the area.

Over the last 6 years, I have been involved in all the land and Flexi-living homes releases at Ginninderry. When I started in December 2016, there was nothing here. During the first land release, when taking clients to the site, we had to chase the cattle and sheep away to be able to see where blocks would be. Seeing the area grow into a vibrant community has been the highlight of my career.


Tell us a bit about yourself.       

I am a multiple national award-winning Licensed Agent and have accumulated over 1100 property sales. I am a licensed agent and Auctioneer in ACT, NSW and Queensland.

Before tapping into my lifelong passion for real estate and turning it into a vocation, I pursued a successful career with the Department of Defence, where I worked for 18 years.

Outside the office, my interest includes spending time with my wife, Rachael, and our five children, golf, fishing, four-wheel driving, water skiing, watching live sports – and sulking when the Rabbitohs lose. And of course, real estate.


What does your role bring to the Ginninderry project?   

In my current role as a sales consultant at Ginninderry, I bring a vast network of friends and business associates to the project. Having grown my real estate career here in Canberra I have been able to experience selling in many conditions and this has helped with the analysis that is conducted prior to any land release.


A Fun Fact?

I am the oldest employee on the project and my dad jokes are better than all the other dads.


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