Meet Imogen Featherstone – Ginninderry Development Manager for Planning

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This week we meet Imogen Featherstone, Ginninderry’s Development Manager for Planning.


Imogen’s role at Ginninderry is focused on assisting the Project to navigate urban planning policy to ensure Ginninderry is not only meeting its environmental measures within the Ginninderry Conservation Corridor but also, more broadly, working with the Planning Authority and community stakeholders to ensure Ginninderry as a place is an experience worthy of its residents.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was brought up in country NSW and moved to Canberra to study Urban and Regional Planning. Looking back on my upbringing, I had a unique mix of experiences, which I believe all ultimately led me to the career I’m now in. During the year, I spent time in various areas of the Blue Mountains. Then during the holidays, I divided time between my paternal Grandmother’s rural farm and my maternal Grandparent’s home in Sydney.

The farm was a sort of quiet meditation, juxtaposed with the Sydney trips and busyness of city life, further developed my interest between place and people. One of my favourite things to do in a new city is to simply walk the city for a few days and see how it all works; how people move, how they use their city, and how people’s lives are enhanced (or not) by the built form. I particularly love gritty places, the places and spaces where there is friction and competing uses; for me, that’s vibrancy!


What does your role bring to the Ginninderry Project?

My role has constantly evolved since I started as the Project’s needs have changed. My role provides guidance that looks at large-scale matters such as zoning, opportunities for development and constraints while also looking at the block-by-block level. In addition, my role ensures that Planning Legislation is understood and complied with and that the Project pushes its outcomes to be sustainable, reliant and community appropriate.


A Fun Fact?

Growing up, I relished the opportunity to participate in musicals and choir performances, extending into a love for debating. I believe these experiences carried me well through school and into my professional life. To this day, I love a good performance opportunity!


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