Meet Bede Roche – Ginninderry’s Project Surveillance Officer

This week we meet Bede Roche, Ginninderry’s Project Surveillance Officer.


Bede is responsible for the maintenance of the Ginninderry Community during and post construction, ranging from managing smaller projects that are behind the scenes to ensuring swift delivery of the free front landscaping packages for each block once the home is completed.


Tell us a bit about yourself.    

I’m a Canberra local but have lived all over the world, including a short stint in Italy and the US. However, I have been able to call Canberra home again for 15 years.


Like many people after school, I took a year off to work, save money and work out how I was going to build a rewarding career. Once I was finished with my gap year, I then went on to study business management, followed by a Certificate in Horticulture and Landscape Construction, thinking I needed another qualification under my belt. And to top this off, a Diploma in Project Management.


In my spare time, I enjoy landscaping and gardening, although my garden at home is a mess! I try to travel once a year and experience a different culture. This has been hard over the last few years however; I am looking forward to going on new adventures again soon.

I have a passion for renovations and adding my spin to homes, so I am currently renovating my own. This is taking a while, but that’s the point of renovations, right?!



What does your role bring to the Ginninderry project?   

My role ensures that the Ginninderry project is delivered to a high standard that the team can be proud of. I have a large network of trades and contractors on speed dial to ensure that problems are solved promptly.

I manage the Environment, Health and Safety, of the project team and our contractors. In 2022, we managed over 40,000 hours on-site without a loss of time injury. Not an easy feat!


I ensure a high standard of work is delivered, and customers are satisfied with their blocks before handover. I am also the communication link between the project and construction teams on site, from builders to civil construction and landscapers.

When it comes time, I also manage the handover for the Flexi-living Homes, Ginninderry’s affordable housing product.



A Fun Fact?

I am the instigator when it comes to Friday BBQs in the office. If there isn’t a trip to Mama Ria’s with Johnathan (click here to read that story), there will be a BBQ!


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