Meet Adam Klau – Ginninderry’s Project Finance Director

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Who are the people behind Canberra’s most sustainable community? This week we meet Adam Klau, Ginninderry’s Project Finance Director.


Adam’s role at Ginninderry is to manage everything related to project finances and governance. If it’s a policy or a spreadsheet, Adam is the team member everyone turns to.


Tell us a bit about yourself?                     

For the last 18 years, I have been working on large infrastructure projects here and overseas. This has seen me working in locations such as Germany, Canada, UK, Hungary, and Norway on projects ranging from schools, hospitals, prisons, freeways, bridges, tunnels and now, residential developments. I have enjoyed the challenges of working abroad and the sense of pride that comes from seeing one of your projects being fully realised. Being part of building something that aims to improve the lives of others is an added benefit and one which I find extremely rewarding.


After growing up in Adelaide and then spending most of my adult life living abroad, I have recently relocated to a farm outside of Canberra and am now enjoying living on the land and the challenges that come from managing a flock of sheep and sharing the farm with a family of freeloading kangaroos that don’t respect fences or newly planted trees.


What does your role bring to the Ginninderry project?   

I’m responsible for managing the financial and governance aspects of the project to ensure the engine of this significant project always has the right amount of fuel to keep its wheels moving and those responsible for driving the engine know where we have been and where we are heading.


Someone, unfortunately, has to have the non-fun job of saying there isn’t enough fuel to do that and make sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt, and sadly that’s me. It’s a tough gig, but the project team is a great team to work with.


A fun Fact?

You know I am an accountant by trade, right? We aren’t known for being fun.


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