Magpies and Ginninderry’s Legendary Girls paving the way to success

Eight of the Magpies’ most talented Under-18 youth girls put their best foot forward recently, representing the Magpies Football Club in the NSW AFL Under-18 National Championships, and National School Girls Competition in Perth.

The three girls who represented the club with pride at the National School Girls Competition were Ciel Georgievski, Emily Pease and Tiarne Reid.

Ciel is a left-footer in her first year of Australian Rules, and has established herself as a hard midfielder always giving her team protection and drive from the middle of the ground.

Emily is a tall running midfielder who is very athletic, has a booming kick and excellent high mark that gives her the ability to play in any number of positions. She has recently been selected to appear in the All Australian Championships team! Congratulations Emily.

Tiarne is a small forward that has a deadly straight kick and uncanny ability to win most contests she goes for. This is evident by leading the Under-18 goal kicking with 48 so far this season.

The five girls who represented their state at the National Under-18 Championships and placed in the schoolgirls’ championships prior, found themselves on a different journey trying to catch the eye of talent scouts from all over the country. Maggie Gorham, Zoe Allen, Alexia Hamilton, Natahsa McKay and Chelsea Hamilton are proudly paving the way for ALL young girls wishing to make their own mark in Aussie Rules Football.

Maggie Gorham is a damaging forward who possesses all the talent and skills and ability to read the play to make any opposition take notice.

Zoe Allen is a smart, defensive midfielder player that also has the ability to play tall, enabling her to have marking contests anywhere on the field. Proficient in kicking, she is very versatile player.

Alexia Hamilton is a player with an abundance of talent, which spreads across a number of sports. She is tall which means she can be played in any position but predominantly ruck. She has a very competitive nature in sport, which enables her to win most contests she engages in.

Natasha McKay is a fast and tough defensive player that has the ability to run with opposition players to limit their impact in a game. With a damaging long kick and ability to run down talented opposition, she is a true asset to any team.

Chelsea Hamilton is a tough uncompromising midfield/back that relishes any opportunity to create a contest, win it, and take the game on. Proficient in all the skills of the game, she has the ability to make her own luck.

All girls show potential in going to greater heights in the game, and have shown great improvement while being involved in the Ginninderry Legendary Girls youth program.

Watch this space as we are sure to see some of them playing at the highest level and on our TV screens in the not too distant future!

– Scott Reid, Magpies Club president and youth girls coach


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