Legends Continue to Grow with Ginninderry

Since the Ginninderry Joint Venture began its community partnership with the Belconnen Magpies Football Club (BMFC) in 2017, the Little Legends Auskick and the Legendary Girls programs have done nothing but grow, not only in size but also in their sense of community.


BMFC President Scott Reid told us about the ways the club has been able to expand the programs; more gear, higher participation, new divisions, and exciting new initiatives like a junior female only Academy with Ginninderry’s support;

“The wonderful sponsorship from Ginninderry and the ACT Government has enabled the club to invest in more footballs and other recourses to create a fun learning environment for over 100 female participants in Aussie rules football. Our whole program now has just on 150 females in it, which is around 100 more than it was only 18 months ago. We introduced a second division women’s side in the senior competition this year further enhancing our female program. We have encouraged more of our senior women players to fill coaching roles in the Ginninderry Little legends age groups which is really helping the little ones enjoy the game.

Ongoing Investment in our coaches and environment is crucial to maintain and grow. Some new initiatives toward the end of 2018 will be the introduction of a junior female only Academy which, through the generous support of Ginninderry, will enable us to help all the little legends chase a dream and realise their goals in being the best they can be. Our hope is that our pathways remain strong and enjoyment and success walk hand in hand.

We now have under 10s, under 12s and under 15s in the Ginninderry Little Legends and hopefully an Auskick centre to be run in 2019 in the Ginninderry catchment. Watch this space as we strive to achieve our goal in reaching a target participation amount of 250 girls playing Aussie rules for our club by 2020. Ginninderry’s valued support will be instrumental in helping us achieve this goal.”

One of BMFC’s senior players, Sarah Tutt, spoke about the integration of the youth and senior programs, how the senior players help to coach their younger counterparts, and the sense of community and belonging fostered among and between the teams;

“One of the greatest achievements for the Belconnen’s women’s program over the past couple of years is the integration of the youth girls to the seniors program. In the past two years the women’s has been training with the under 18s team, building on team morale and sharing footy knowledge. This season has seen about 10 youth girls now playing weekly women’s football and they feel like part of the squad regardless of their age. Both our under 15s and under 18s are coached by senior Belconnen women players, helping the next generation of players come through. There is also an invitation for u18s to train with the women’s squad. This integration has been strongly supported through the club’s partnership with Ginninderry. This has built a strong foundation for a good girls and women’s program for years to come for the club.”

And BMFC Sponsorship Manager Dan Posch is delighted that the Ginninderry Joint Venture has continued its partnership with the Magpies, saying….

“The relationship between Belconnen Magpies Football Club and Ginninderry has become an integral part of the football club’s programs to develop and provide opportunities for young boys and girls to play Aussie Rules. Since beginning our partnership the football club has been able to increase the resources that we put into the youth girls and Auskick programs. This has resulted in higher participation than we have ever had. Ginninderry and Belconnen Magpies’ shared passion of providing opportunities and encouraging young boys and girls to get involved and active have led to an immediately strong relationship. The football club looks forward to the long-term possibilities that we will be able to provide for these kids through our ongoing partnership with Ginninderry.”

Every Saturday hundreds of kids come together at The Nest stadium in Holt to practice and play. The season is well underway, and we look forward to welcoming players and their families to The Link over the coming months.

Go the Magpies!

Find out more about the Belconnen Magpies Football Club junior teams on their website here: http://www.magpiesjuniors.com/


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