Housing diversity will help create a vibrant community for Ginninderry

A principle that is central to the vision for Ginninderry is diversity.

Among many other things, this means offering a diverse range of housing types to suit a range of lifestyles, households and budgets.  This will help to create a vibrant and interesting community.

Ginninderry’s range of housing options is aligned with what we understand to be the range of household types that exist across Canberra today and that are likely to emerge over the next few decades. These household types also reflect the various stages we move through in life.

Research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies indicates that the make-up of households in Australia has changed dramatically in recent decades. Between 1986 and 2011 there has been a 5.6 percent decrease in the number of family households in combination with a 5.5 percent increase in lone person households.

Additionally, recent University of Canberra research confirms that people are most likely to live in an apartment, terrace or townhouse during their single and young couple years, purchasing a free-standing home for the family years, continuing in the residence after their children leave home and into early retirement, then tending to downsize into apartments, townhouses and other compact dwellings (including retirement villages) as they age.

A wide range of home types (eg family homes, compact homes, terraces, townhouses, apartments and even “Fonzie Flats”) at Ginninderry will therefore be required to cater to a broad range of people (and budgets) across the lifecycle, including first home buyers, singles, couples, single parent families, families and retirees.

Creating such diverse housing options will positively contribute to the emergence of a socially sustainable community in Ginninderry.

Very importantly Ginninderry will contribute to the ACT Government’s Affordable Housing Action Plan target of 20% of dwellings in residential areas meeting a range of affordability criteria.

The Ginninderry response to the Action Plan and is to create quality places with a mix of home types supported by initiatives as long-term rental, shared ownership and government land-rent arrangements.

[1] https://aifs.gov.au/publications/australian-households-and-families

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