Ginninderry’s podcast inspires a new way of living

Have you discovered Ginninderry’s Inspire Podcast yet?

Launched in 2022, each episode provides sustainable information and inspiration to listeners.

Born out of the belief that we can all contribute towards a better world, Inspire is hosted by Region Media Group Editor, Genevieve Jacobs. In the series, she talks to experts, visionaries and locals who share the ways they are making positive changes, both big and small, to inspire a new way of living.

Here’s what you can expect from this season.

Episode 8: Become a frog watcher

Frogs are the most threatened species group globally, and their declines and losses of species have been described as the single biggest threat to our biodiversity. How can we, as individuals, help? By volunteering to become a FrogWatcher!

Anke-Maria Hoefer, ACT & Region FrogWatch Coordinator with the Ginninderra Catchment Group explains how. Listen here.

Episode 9: How to be a sustainable fashionista

Australia is the second-largest consumer of textiles globally, with 93% of non-renewable, non-degradable, and synthetic materials ending up in landfills, taking hundreds of years to break down and releasing carbon emissions.

So, how can we enjoy fashion in a sustainable way? Emma Batchelor, Author of Building a Conscious Wardrobe (and other fun things) tells all.

Episode 10: Importance of play in our community.

No matter your age or ability level, play is important for your health, wellbeing and sense of community. Through her Play, Creativity and Wellbeing Project, Dr Cathy Hope is partnering with Ginninderry to push the boundaries of traditional park infrastructure by creating vibrant, fun spaces that cater to everyone’s needs. Find out more.

Episode 11. Changing our relationship with snakes.

While Australia is home to some of the world’s most dangerous snake species, they play a vital role in maintaining our delicate ecosystem. Dr Gavin Smith, Associate Professor in Sociology, has gained a local reputation as being a ‘snake whisperer’ through his research on the Eastern Brown snake.

In this episode, discover how he hopes to help humans and snakes to coexist better.

Episode 12. How meaningful design can influence community wellbeing.

Walkability, green spaces, access to nature. These are some of the elements that, if incorporated into our community, can enhance our wellbeing. Listen to the podcast to discover how Ginninderry has created the infrastructure that allows for greater community interactivity and events in the latest episode of Ginninderry’s Inspire

Episode 13. How adaptive reuse is reenergising communities.

New York’s famous High Line Park and London’s Tate Modern are great global examples of adaptive reuse projects – an approach that breathes new life into empty or unused structures and places.

In this episode of Ginninderry’s Inspire podcast, we talk to Stuart Harrison, Architect and Good Design Advocate, about the key considerations and examples of adaptive reuse both globally and locally. Listen here.

Episode 14. How to invest ethically.

Could your money help save the world? Dave Rae, Financial Advisor at Ethinvest, believes it can.  In this episode of Ginninderry’s Inspire podcast, he talks us through why it’s important to invest ethically and how we can go about it, from identifying what issues are important to you to changing your super fund investments and making informed decisions on our everyday purchases.

Episode 15. How a small café is making a big impact.

Café Stepping Stone founders Vanessa Brettel and Hannah Costello are doing more than serving fantastic vegetarian food. Their business model employs migrant and refugee women to give them hospitality experience, learn and improve their English and obtain a Certificate III in commercial cookery or hospitality to advance their skills further.

Vanessa shares their story in this episode of the podcast.

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