Ginninderry Local History Study: Nature, Culture, People, Places

Mary Hutchison is a public historian and writer, specialising in collaborative and creative interpretation of history and place.  As part of the Ginninderry arts and cultural program CREATE she is currently conducting a local history study of Ginninderry that encompasses nature, culture, people and places. She is interested in the knowledge, memories and observations of people who have lived here, studied the area, walked or ridden through it or cared for it in the many ways you can care for a landscape.

  • What would you like people to know about the land on which the suburbs of Ginninderry will be built?
  • What are the places and elements in the landscape that have meaning for you?
  • What memories and histories can be traced on the land?

How you can contribute to the research

  • Get in touch and let us know your interests
  • Mark places of memory and story on our story map at The Link
  • Suggest a walk to see the places that are important to you

How your information will be used
The memories and stories that you provide will be used in a variety of ways to help existing and new residents understand and appreciate the rich heritage of this place and what it has meant and continues to mean to people. Your formal permission for us to use the material is required. Outcomes planned include publication in book form and a range of other formats including posts on the Ginninderry website, radio interviews and exhibitions. Your contributions will also generate further community and cultural activities such as community art projects, walks and other outdoor activities.

The people leading the research
The Local History Study is part of Ginninderry’s cultural planning and community engagement program managed by Susan Davis. Mary Hutchison is a public historian and writer. She specialises in collaborative and creative interpretations of history and place. Ruth Hingston is working with Mary on the realisation of the visual dimension of the project. Ruth is a visual artist with an interest in maps, daily life in local and historic places, and the environment.

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