Former SPARK: Georgia Elith

Before SPARK, Georgia Elith worked part-time as a waitress in the National Gallery of Australia’s café, but after completing a double degree in visual arts and music from the University of Canberra her goal was to find a fulltime job.

While it wasn’t in her area of study, Georgia started to apply for administration positions as she thought this would be a good place to start her career and there seemed to be many full-time opportunities in this area.

“I thought about trying to get a job in the areas I studied,” Georgia said. “But really, I just wanted a full-time job.”

Although she already possessed many of the skills required in administration, Georgia had no formal qualifications, and finding a job was difficult.

When she heard about SPARK through MBC Employment Service, she took the opportunity to get some of those qualifications. She decided to participate in the 2017 West Belconnen Administration Program which ran for ten weeks and combined theory, practical learning, and work experience placements. The Program also awarded its graduates with a Certificate II in Business and a Senior First Aid certificate.

Georgia had always been shy, and entering into a program with a group of strangers was daunting. But the MEGT trainers and the other program participants were all supportive and friendly, making her feel relaxed and welcome. As the program continued and her experience grew, so did Georgia’s confidence.

A few weeks after graduating from the program, Georgia applied for, and was accepted into, an administration position.

She now works full-time for a subsidiary of Financial Index, Findex – a company that provides financial advice and accounting – as a client service administrator.

She celebrated her first pay check by buying herself an expensive mug.

“SPARK really got me going,” Georgia says. And now, with employment, qualification, and confidence, going is most definitely what she is doing.

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