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What is a Tiny House?

A tiny house is just that – a small house!

Most tiny houses are:

  • Compact
  • Transportable (either on wheels or easily moved)
  • Connected to plumbing and electricity but can be readily disconnected
  • Often made from recycled materials (such as re-used shipping containers)
  • Equipped with the same amenities as a home – bedroom, kitchen, toilet and bathroom facilities

Why do we have a Tiny House in the Display village?

Ginninderry has a commitment to demonstrate a range of different housing choices and ways of living.

A demonstration tiny house within our display village challenges visitors’ views on how homes are designed, and the space that you need to live.

The Tiny House movement has been gaining momentum throughout the world. It encourages architectural and social change and promotes a simpler lifestyle in small homes.

Benefits of a tiny house:

  • Lower cost to build, lower energy costs to run
  • Provides for a separate, self-contained dwelling on your block for family or guests
  • Can be designed and manufactured so that they are portable and can be easily moved. This provides the potential opportunity to on-sell your tiny house in the future or move it to another location
  • Minimises environmental impacts

Features of Mini-G

  • Constructed from a 20ft, high cube, one-trip shipping container
  • Insulated with spray foam (no off-gassing) to all external faced surfaces
  • Double glazed windows and doors (uPVC frames, argon filled)
  • Openable skylight with blinds
  • Recycled hardwood flooring and decking
  • Balcony wicking beds
  • Built in seating storage
  • Under bed storage
  • Plywood lining to walls and ceilings with natural oil finish (Osmo)

Can I build a Tiny House at Ginninderry?

Mini-G is an example of a tiny house that may be considered for installation on your block in addition to the primary residence. Tiny houses within Ginninderry have not been considered as a solution for a primary residence in Ginninderry. Talk to your architect or builder about whether you could put a tiny house on your block.

Things to consider before building a Tiny House in the ACT

The ACT Government’s Territory Plan is the statutory document that guides planning and development in the ACT. While the following list highlights some of the planning controls within the Territory Plan, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to undertake their own due diligence before considering a Tiny House.

Territory Plan approval requirements:

  • A tiny house would meet the definition of a ‘secondary residence’ under the Territory Plan, where it is installed as an additional dwelling on a block.
  • Approval for a secondary residence is subject to a Development Application. • The minimum block size for a secondary residence is 500m2
  • A number of other rules and criteria including, but not limited to, plot ratio and car parking requirements, also apply.
  • Installation of a secondary residence on a block where the Crown lease stipulates use of the land for a single dwelling only would be contingent on an approval for a variation to the Crown lease to permit two dwellings.
  • A lease variation proposal must be lodged and approved by the Planning Authority to permit the secondary residence on the block.

About Stack Space and why we have used them

Stack Space is a builder of quality tiny houses in the Canberra/Queanbeyan Region using converted shipping containers.

All manufacturing and design occurs on site in Queanbeyan providing local employment opportunities in line with Ginninderry’s Project Vision. The repurposing of shipping containers and reduction in transportation costs/emissions associated with having a local company is consistent with our triple bottom line approach to sustainability for Ginninderry.

Stack Space has also been awarded the 2019 ACT Architecture Award (Cynthia Breheny Award) for Small Project Architecture. The quality of the construction fitout of past Stack Space projects is exemplary and a tribute to the skill, reputation and capability of the business.

I want one – can I buy one?

Of course! There are many builders/suppliers of Tiny Houses in Australia. If you’ve like to find out more about Mini-G, contact Stack Space.

Janet Thomson
M: 0418 678 383

Retlaw Compton
M: 0411 888 869*


Put our Tiny Home to the test. Mini-G now on Airbnb!

Experience first hand the wonders of living in a state of the art tiny house. The Mini-G is now available to book on Airbnb for overnight stays on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. To experience a night (or two!) at Ginninderry’s legendary tiny house, search Strathnairn on Airbnb or click on the link below.

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