Ginninderry’s First Community-Scale Battery

As part of Ginninderry’s commitment to renewable energy and an all-electric suburb, CWP Storage has been working closely with Evoenergy and the Ginninderry team to trial community-scale energy storage solutions as a way to mitigate the need for traditional network upgrades that can be expensive. 

In its early stages of operation, the battery will provide grid support to Evoenergy’s distribution kiosk substation – the green boxes located in local neighbourhoods that contain important electrical equipment. The battery will help control power flow in and out of the neighbourhood by storing and releasing power at certain times of the day and night. 

CWP Storage is also investigating suitable technology providers to enable virtual storage services for residents. This service would store excess residential solar power, ready for use when the sun goes down. We will notify you when this capability becomes available. 

The size of the battery is equivalent to two Tesla car batteries and can store 275kWh of energy whilst sustaining 250kW of power for 1 hour. The battery, including all electrical and safety equipment, will be housed in purpose-built enclosures which have been designed to look like the adjacent kiosk substation. 

The site selected for this battery project is Block 20, Section 19, Strathnairn (near Tredwell Street opposite Blundell Place). This location is one of several specific areas allocated by the Ginninderry team to facilitate battery storage projects. These blocks were identified through the Ginninderry Estate Development Plan (the Development Plan) and in Block Disclosure Plans as ‘future microgrid buildings’. As technology has progressed, the size and scale of these systems have decreased. The area needed for this battery project is 3m × 3m, compared to the 15m × 5.6m allowed for in the Development Plan. 

CWP Storage plans to install the battery between 1 November and 30 December 2021 with the installation taking 7-10 days. A forklift or small crane will be used to unload the battery from a flatbed truck into position on Tredwell Street. 

For more information, click here to read the factsheet.