Thursday 26 May 2016
By Ginninderry Project Team

Streetscape homes are planned for Ginninderry as part of the project’s commitment to housing diversity and providing affordable living options.

Streetscape homes are “rear loaded”, which is when a house fronts a street and has garage access off a rear lane.

There are some great benefits to living in a streetscape home. Popular with young families, the design offers a real opportunity to generate a distinctive street appeal without the distraction of garages and driveways. With front entries and easily-maintained front gardens as key features, these blocks offer an attractive alternative to the more conventional “front loaded” housing options with garage access off the street.

Ginninderry will provide a diverse range of housing types, comprising everything from traditional family homes on large blocks, right through to terrace homes, town houses and in the later stages, some apartments. The Streetscape home is a freestanding housing option on a mid-sized block that provides an alternative living option for wide range of buyers including young families and downsizers.

Housing diversity within the development will enable neighbourhoods to provide for changing demographics, lifestyles and life stages and is an important ingredient to enable Ginninderry to become a truly inclusive, diverse and resilient community.

The wide range of options available will encourage buyers to think beyond uniform large blocks of land, to other more innovative designs.

For select blocks the The Streetscape homes will also be offered with what’s often known as a “Fonzie Flat” or “Studio”; a self-contained dwelling, above the garage that sits at the back of the property. Whilst these dwellings will provide a very affordable living option, they will also provide surveillance to rear lanes for added security.

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