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The Ginninderry Masterplan provides for up to 4 schools – 3 in the ACT and one in NSW.  The ACT Government has earmarked a site on Parkwood Road (opposite the future market centre) for a combined primary and high school for a future time.

Discussions are underway with the NSW government for the dedication of a primary school site in NSW when development commences in the NSW section of Ginninderry (unlikely to be earlier than 10 years from now).

Early residents of Ginninderry may contact the existing schools in the West Belconnen area to discuss enrolments. These include:

  • HOLT Kingsford Smith School, K-10 (public) Cranleigh Special School, students aged 4 and 12 years (public)
  • LATHAM Latham Preschool and Primary School (public)
  • MACGREGOR Macgregor Preschool and Primary School (public)
  • WIDER BELCONNEN Belconnen High School Yr 7- 10 (Hawker) (public)

Hawker College Yr 11-12 (public)
St Francis Xavier College Yr 7-12 (Florey)
St John the Apostle K-6 (Florey)
Brindabella Christian College P-4 (Charnwood) St Thomas Aquinas P-6 (Charnwood)
St Matthews Primary School K-6 (Page) Radford College P-12 (Bruce)
Taqwa School – Independent Islamic School K-4, with plans to expand to Yr 12 (Spence)

There are plans for a non-government school site to be offered to school operators within or near to the first Ginninderry neighbourhood, but the exact location and timing is yet to be confirmed with government. Buyers will be further informed once the Government makes a decision in this regard.
Planning is underway for on-site childcare services to be provided for new residents and there is also a range of existing childcare facilities in the West Belconnen area which include:

Kingsford Smith School Age Care Program YMCA Early Learning Centre
New centre currently under construction at Kippax

Latham Primary School Year Round Care Centre

Macgregor Outside School Hours Care

From Day 1 residents will have public transport with a shuttle bus doing drop offs to Kingsford Smith School and Kippax Fair Terminal.

At Ginninderry sustainable housing is a key focus. Guidelines are provided to assist you in considering ways to design your home so it performs better. Refer to our Smart Housing Design booklet at

In addition to promoting sustainable housing choices, there are certain mandatory requirements with respect to homes at Ginninderry including Home Energy Systems. The mandatory requirements are included under Part 4 of the Housing Development Requirements.
The Home Energy System includes solar panels, electrical household appliances and a demand management system.

By using solar energy and electrical household appliances you will significantly reduce your ongoing energy bills and create comfortable houses. For further information on the Home Energy Systems refer to Home Energy Systems fact sheet at

Land within the Ginninderry Project Area and adjacent to the Murrumbidgee River is to be retained as a conservation management corridor, to be known as the Ginninderry Conservation Management Corridor.

The Corridor has intrinsic ecological, cultural and heritage values, as well as potential for passive and active recreational use.

To protect and enhance the cultural values of the Corridor, as well as to enable controlled recreational use, the Ginninderry Joint Venture proposes to establish (subject to final approvals from the Territory) a community management trust as the governing body for the Corridor.

The Trust board will have representatives from the ACT Government, Yass Valley Council and/or the NSW Government, the Joint Venture and community members invited due to their particular skills relevant to management of such an important area.

It is proposed that residents of the Ginninderry Project Area (along with others) would be eligible to become members of the Ginninderry Conservation Management Trust provided the conditions of membership were satisfied. By becoming a member of the Ginninderry Conservation Trust residents would become entitled to having a say in the management of the Corridor, plus other benefits which may include free parking and access to Corridor facilities, member only events and so on.

Your home must comply with the Ginninderry Housing Development Requirements. Prior to submitting an application for either a Building Approval (BA) or Development Approval (DA) you must first seek the approval of the Ginninderry Design Coordinator who will assist you in ensuring your design meets the necessary requirements.

Note that unless you are seeking to depart from the normal planning code requirements it is likely that your builder will appoint a Private Certifier to assess your home compliance and issue a Building Approval (BA), rather than first applying for a Development Approval (DA) to seek a merit track assessment. If you are unsure about what level of approvals your home will need the Ginninderry Design Coordinator will be able to assist you, your builder or designer.

The amount you are required to pay is dependent on the sales process by which your block is being bought.

Blocks bought as part of a ballot land release: The deposit required will be outlined in the Ballot Conditions relevant to to each land release. For Strathnairn Stage 2 Land release a 10% deposit must be provided at the time of signing the Contract at the Block Selection Session on 22 June 2019. (View Ballot Conditions for full details)

Blocks bought ‘over the counter’: A $5,000 part deposit is payable to secure your block or package. This $5,000 can form part of your deposit required to formally exchange contracts.  The deposit payable on exchange is 10% of the purchase price. If paying by deposit bond or Bank Guarantee additional charges for legal checks may apply.

For further details on payment or other contract terms please phone or make an appointment with one of our sales consultants – 1800 316 900.


Subscribe to our ‘Stay Informed’ section online or visit The Link at Ginninderry, 90 Stockdill Drive Holt.

Land rent is not currently available.This has also been the case for other developments in the ACT where the Territory has entered into a Joint Venture arrangement with another private developer (such as the case for Ginninderry).

Land prices are based on market values. Block specific prices are determined based on the block particulars, primarily being the block size.Prices for standard residential blocks in the second release range from $177,400 to $548,300 (average price $263,868). Land prices for our Flexi Living Homes and other homes for sale are included as part of the advertised total package price. Refer to release schedules at for detailed pricing.

There are a variety of blocks that will cater for different budget and lifestyle needs. These include standard residential, townhouses, terraces and apartments. Standard residential blocks typically range from 300m2 to 550m2 in the first stage of development, whilst larger blocks >600sqm are intended to be located in later stages of the development adjoining the Murrumbidgee river corridor.

Strathnairn is the first suburb of Ginninderry, a new master planned community development located
in West Belconnen.

The first stage of the development, forming part of new suburb of Strathnairn, is located adjacent to Stockdill Drive, The Strathnairn Arts Centre and the Ginninderra Estate development by others (adjoining the Magpies Golf Club).

  • It is only 2km from the Kippax Group Centre providing access for everyday needs including a library, supermarkets, a post office, pharmacy, newsagency, food outlets, fashion and variety stores as well as church and community facilities.
  • 10 minutes from the Belconnen Town Centre, which houses government departments, a community centre, the Westfield Shopping Centre and an arts centre.
  • Close to schools in Holt, Charnwood and Latham (in particular Kingsford Smith School in Holt), the University of Canberra and Canberra Institute of Technology in Bruce.
  • Close to emergency services, including the West Belconnen Emergency hub at Charnwood, Belconnen Police Station and the Calvary Hospital at Bruce.
  • Just 15kms from the city centre – less than 20 minutes by car.

It is not our intention to supply gas to homes within stage 1, however it is currently a requirement of the ACT Government’s Estate Development Code that gas is provided to all residential blocks.

Whilst gas may not be reticulated to your home, a gas main will be installed in the main road that could provide for the future schools and market centre. This main may also enable reticulation of gas to future homes if deemed appropriate at a future point in time.

Ginninderry propose to seek an amendment to the current Estate Development Code requirement to remove the requirement for supply of gas to homes within stage 1 on the basis of extensive studies that have been undertaken that show that household energy needs are best met via installing solar panels and using electrical household appliances within your home. A waiver of this requirement has already been granted for Stage 1 of Ginninderry. This approach will result in significant lower energy charges compared with homes that are supplied with both gas and electricity and provides for a more sustainable energy solution to meet your home’s needs.  It will also ensure you are best placed to benefit from a potential future ‘micro grid’ at Ginninderry that may provide additional energy savings and benefits. These studies can be supplied on request by contacting the Ginninderry team.

The Ginninderry Housing Development Requirements require homes at Ginninderry to include electrical hot water systems (solar or heat pump) and electrical air conditioning systems if required.  Whilst it is Ginninderry’s intention that a gas connection not be provided to your block, a bottled gas supply may an alternative if you still wish to install gas cooking or other gas appliances (e.g. BBQ) within your home. However before considering gas cooking you are also encouraged to consider induction cooktops as a alternative that can provide for an equal if not better substitute over conventional gas cooktops. Compared with gas cooktops, induction cooktops are far more energy efficient, cook more quickly and are easier to keep clean whilst they also allow for finely tuned temperature settings and cooking control. For this reason induction cooktops are often the preferred means of cooking of many professional chefs. We would encourage you to attend a cooking demonstration at the Link building that compares the performance of gas with induction cooking. Keep an eye on the website for cooking demonstration times.

By committing to purchase a block at Ginninderry you are committing to purchase into a new community with a vision to be a sustainable community of international significance. Ginninderry believes that today the most sustainable method of meeting your household energy needs is through the application of the Household Energy Systems as included in the Housing Development Requirements. Whilst this does not necessarily exclude gas at this stage, a cost benefit analysis shows that if you are prepared to buy a block at Ginninderry and invest in a solar panel system for your new home then the most economical, environmental and socially responsible way to supply your household energy needs at this point in time is not through the supply of gas to your home.

The Murrumbidgee Riverside Park will be recognised and maintained as a major conservation and recreation area. At this stage studies are still being undertaken to finalise the proposed park facilities but picnicking, walking, bike riding and swimming are all recreation purposes currently contemplated within the river corridor and would be included in planning for the riverside park.

It is envisaged that subject to approvals the riverside park facilities will be completed prior to the first resident moving into the new suburb of Strathnairn.

The Housing Development Requirements (HDR) for Stage 1 Strathnairn are available on our website or from “The Link at Ginninderry” 90 Stockdill Drive Holt ACT 2615. The HDR lists all the building requirements.

When you buy a block of land in Ginninderry your front landscaping will be completed for you by our
professional contractors at no additional charge provided you comply with the Ginninderry Housing Development Requirements.
You will have a choice of seven (7) concept designs provided by our landscape designer and the opportunity to choose from a large selection of native and exotic plants. Refer our concept designs and plant lists in our buyers toolkit
Note: that you are free to complete your rear garden area.

If you buy a block of land at Ginninderry you are free to choose your own builder. Alternately you could choose one of our 13 display village builders. A list of our display village builders can be found at

The majority of blocks in the second release are expected to be ready to build on sometime between September 2018 to July 2019. Refer to the land release schedule at to check expected completion timings.

Blocks of land will be released to the public through a draw system (similar to a ballot). Buyers must register for the draw to be able to obtain a block of land. Each buyer being an individual or company is restricted to purchasing 1 block only. If blocks of land remain after completion of the Draw then multiple purchases may be allowed.

The first land was released to the market in April 2017. Land will continue to be released in Strathnairn for the next7 to 10 years.

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