In addition to our Flexi-living Home Packages, a fine selection of other homes from a variety of our partner builders will also be available for you to buy direct over the counter (i.e. not subject to a draw). In the first release at Ginninderry, the following blocks have been allocated to our partner builders for house and land packages. Additional blocks have recently been acquired by our builders  — for more information about designs and pricing, please contact our builders directly. A PDF list is available from here.


We will continuously release more house and land packages; join our email list now to hear about new house and land packages.

Section Block Block Type AREA m2  Builder
AA i Streetscape 420 Bode By RAM
AA f Streetscape Plus

Dual Occupancy-house & studio

450 SM Precision Building
AA b Streetscape Plus

Dual Occupancy-house & studio

467 SM Precision Building
AG i Streetscape 444 Gracious Living
AG c Streetscape 442 Bode by RAM
AG a Streetscape 457 APA Homes
AF b Streetscape 456 Bode by RAM
BK b Streetscape 402 Rojas Constructions
BK e Streetscape 364 Exhibition Design & Construction
BK g Streetscape 392 Rojas Constructions
BK h Streetscape 401 APA Homes
BK j Streetscape 403 APA Homes
BK k Streetscape 350 SM Precision Building
BK m Streetscape 430 Sienna Homes
AA d Streetscape 446 Gracious Living
AI h Streetscape 402 Exhibition Design & Construction
BK f Streetscape 368 Rojas Constructions
BG a Streetscape 478 SM Precision Building
Section Block Block Type AREA m2 Builder
AO   ac      Villa         349 Exhibition Design & Construction
AV   j      Metro         294 Formd by PBS Building
AV   k      Metro         294 Formd by PBS Building
AX   c      Courtyard        439 APA Homes
AX   d      Metro        381 Bode by RAM
AX   g      Metro        312 SM Precision Building
BA   d      Villa        550 Ideal Building Solutions
BA   e      Villa        427 Bode by RAM
BA   f      Villa        351 Gracious Living
BA   h       Villa        350 McDonald Jones
BA   i      Courtyard        420 McDonald Jones
BA   k      Courtyard        420 Rojas Constructions


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