In addition to our Flexi-living Home Packages, a fine selection of other homes from a variety of our partner builders will also be available for you to buy direct over the counter (i.e. not subject to a draw). In the first release at Ginninderry, the following blocks have been allocated to our partner builders for house and land packages. For more information about designs and pricing, please link contact our builders directly.

Section Block Block Type AREA m2  Builder
AA i Streetscape 420 RAM
AA f Streetscape Plus

Dual Occupancy with studio

450 SM Precision Building
AA b Streetscape Plus

Dual Occupancy with studio

467 SM Precision Building
AG i Streetscape 444 Gracious Living
AG h Streetscape 448 Achieve Homes
AG d Streetscape 448 Rawson Homes
AG c Streetscape 442 RAM
AG a Streetscape 457 APA Homes
AF b Streetscape 456 RAM
AI g Streetscape 367 Rojas Constructions
AI i Streetscape 452 Achieve Homes
BK b Streetscape 402 Rojas Constructions
BK e Streetscape 364 EDC
BK g Streetscape 392 Rojas Constructions
BK h Streetscape 401 Achieve Homes
BK j Streetscape 403 Achieve Homes
BK k Streetscape 350 SM Precision Building
BK m Streetscape 430 Sienna Homes
AA d Streetscape 446 Gracious Living
AI h Streetscape 402 EDC
BK f Streetscape 368 Rojas Constructions
BG a Streetscape 478 SM Precision Building
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