Meet the Builders of Ginninderry – Part Eight: Sienna Homes Building Group

A select number of local builders have been hand-picked to bring the master planned vision for Ginninderry to life. All of the builders were assessed against a number of criteria, in particular their desire and ability to add to the vision for Ginninderry, as well as offering exceptional value for money and quality.

Our weekly Meet the Builders series will help you to get to know our builders ahead of the release of their house and land packages for sale in 2017.

In part eight of our question and answer series, we speak with Andres Pavez from Sienna Homes Building Group.

Give us a bit of background on you, your company and your story to date.

Sienna Homes Building Group is an exciting and diverse building group specialising in new home construction. As a Director of Sienna Homes Building Group, I bring over 16 years’ worth of experience to the group, and with this, a real passion for building to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Prior to, and since starting Sienna Homes Building Group in 2007, we’ve worked with some of Canberra’s biggest and most respected builders on a range of projects from multi-development sites to residential homes. The experience we’ve acquired in this time has helped form the basis of our vision; to turn Sienna Homes Building Group into not only an award-winning company, but a well-respected one.

Our innovative and reputable approach to delivering transparency, integrity and excellent customer service is not only key to the business and clients, but a step towards improving current practices within the Canberra building industry.

Sienna Homes Building Group, in conjunction with Property Entourage Real Estate, is striving to redefine the future processes of building, through innovative practices – something we’re really looking forward to doing!

What type of homes will you be involved in building at Ginninderry?

Our business plan for building in Ginninderry will focus on meeting four key criteria. These include:

  1. Affordability – Canberra’s market is currently outpaced by demand, resulting in home prices that have sky rocketed in recent years. To combat this, Sienna Homes Building Group will be focusing on delivering cost-effective building solutions.
  2. Energy Efficiency – Global warming is on the rise, as is Australia’s reliance on coal-fired power. Sienna Homes Building Group will therefore focus on reducing energy consumption with new technologies and smart designs.
  3. Environmentally Friendly – With waste set to double in 2025 and landfills filling up, Sienna Homes Building Group realises the importance of using environmentally friendly building materials and employing sustainable practices.
  4. Continuous Improvement – Our range of mid to high-end homes will continue to meet and strive to exceed the benchmark in affordability, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

What do you think makes the Ginninderry development different?

Ginninderry is a unique development that will cross over the NSW Border, where it will present people with new prospects for affordable housing and a country living environment complementary to the rest of Canberra’s strengths and infrastructure. Ginninderry is also considering the implementation of measures to ensure community sustainability and biodiversity are maintained in the long-term.

Ginninderry will exist in an amazing location – its connections to the surrounding landscape and diverse range of recreational areas will ensure it is a truly unique development, ensconced in natural beauty.

Why did you want to be involved in this development?

Sienna Homes Building Group shares the same vision as the Ginninderry project team; to promote sustainable living in every aspect of the development. A commitment to protecting the region’s parks and wildlife, range of energy efficient homes and desire to create a community will ensure Ginninderry is one of the most sought after addresses in Canberra. For us, the opportunity to be part of a project where this is a priority complements our own objectives, representing the perfect combination of lifestyle without compromising on the quality that Sienna Homes Building Group is known for.

What do you love about working in construction?

Working in construction has many merits; however, what I love most is providing each of my clients with their dream homes and knowing these are a lasting testament to our commitment of providing quality builds.