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A key step in the design stage was the development of the preliminary draft Masterplan over a four-day period in November 2013, commencing with a Community and Stakeholder Vision Workshop. The outcomes of the Community and Stakeholder Vision Workshop became an important input to the Planning and Design Forum that was held over the following three days.

Around 100 people attended a Community and Stakeholder Vision Workshop in Holt. They provided feedback on important things we need to keep in mind as we plan the new community. Our preliminary Master plan was developed after this meeting.

Masterplan Video

What we heard at the workshop

The community expressed concerns about the ability of the existing road network to cope with additional traffic particularly Southern Cross Drive and Drake Brockman Drive. Concerns were also raised about the capacity of existing schools and the Kippax Centre to cope with the increased population.

Participants at the workshop were also keen to ensure that the existing community of West Belconnen was integrated into the development and that everyone could benefit from the facilities that support a larger West Belconnen population. Many participants thought that the provision of intergenerational places and spaces was important.

The many and varied ideas generated by the community at the workshop are summarised in the Big Ideas diagram below (click on the diagram to enlarge).

To read more about what we heard at the workshop and the Planning and Design Forum, please see the following chapters of the consultation outcomes report:

  • Planning and Design Forum consultation outcomes report – Chapter 1
  • Planning and Design Forum consultation outcomes report – Chapter 2
  • Planning and Design Forum consultation outcomes report – Chapter 3

What we heard throughout stage 1 – Design

We continued to provide opportunities for people to have their voices heard, via our website and in our project office at Kippax. These are some of the points that were raised:

  • Interest in existing and new recreational facilities including horse trails and equestrian facilities and cycling paths.
  • Strong support for public access to the Murrumbidgee River and Ginninderra Falls.
  • Interest in the proposed retail and employment centre.
  • Interest in an array of cross-border issues including the different land tenure systems.
  • Concerns about how specific roads will handle additional traffic, in particular Southern Cross Drive and Drake Brockman Drive.
  • Interest in how public transport will service the development and if it will benefit surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Interest in the sustainability initiatives and provision of conservation corridors.
  • Concerns about the use of land for residential purposes under the power lines or on the landfill.
  • Interest in the size of housing blocks, density and types of housing planned.
  • Concerns about “big houses on small blocks”, and that all houses will look the same.
  • Interest in housing affordability, social/public housing, integrational spaces and places to allow for a child friend community and ageing in place.
  • Interest in additional schools and new services and facilities particularly shops, health centres, library etc.).
  • The future of existing retail particularly the Kippax Centre and service facilities was of concern to some attendees, particularly Strathnairn, the golf course, nursery and vet.
  • Concern was expressed about the development of open space and impact on views currently enjoyed by residents.
  • Interest in or concern about the site “constraints’ including the presence of the Parkwood Eggs, the landfill site and the power lines.
  • Distance from the rest of Canberra was raised by a number of attendees. While for some West Belconnen was seen as “still close to the city”, others were against new suburbs and expansion “this far out”.
  • Responses to the plan were generally positive.
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