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Members from the Ginninderry Joint Venture have been talking to local stakeholders since 2013 to find out what they love about the existing community and how the area should be shaped into the future. We will continue being good neighbours by listening to local residents and stakeholder groups and responding to any queries you may have. There are many opportunities for you to get involved, have your say and find out information about the project.

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There has been a great deal of community consultation during the master planning and rezoning process for Ginninderry. The Ginninderry project includes land in both the ACT and NSW. For the development to occur, the land on both sides of the border needed to be rezoned. This is a complex process and required a variation to the Territory Plan in the ACT, an amendment to the National Capital Plan in the ACT and an amendment to the Yass Valley Local Environment Plan. In addition an approval under the Commonwealth’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act is also required for the entire site.

Prior to submitting the documentation required to support the rezoning processes in each jurisdiction extensive technical studies were undertaken and the draft master plan developed These studies covered a broad range of matters including traffic and transport, water sensitive urban design, conservation and heritage, community services, social impacts, noise and odour.

Where are we up to?

The variation to the Territory Plan and the amendment to the National Capital Plan were placed on public exhibition for six weeks in mid-2015. The Territory Plan variation (V351) was approved on 23 October 2015. The National Capital Plan has been approved and is now subject to tabling in Federal Parliament. The consultation period related to the EPBC Act commenced in mid May 2016.

For the NSW land a ‘gateway determination’ was made in May 2015. This means that the project has merit to continue to work towards a rezoning. The rezoning process and community consultation phase commenced on 25 March 2019 with details  available on the Yass Valley Council website.

Parkwood Planning Proposal

The rezoning process

The process to rezone the ACT component of the Ginninderry project was completed when the ACT Minister for Planning approved draft Variation 351 to the Territory Plan in October of 2015. The project will now move into the development phase and applications for approval of successive stages will be submitted to the Environment Planning and Sustainability Directorate (EPSD). These will be “development applications” in accord with the requirements of the Planning and Development Act 1987. Development applications for subdivision of land (as these will be) are known as “Estate Development Plans”. Each stage will include residential blocks, roads, parkland and other land uses. Notionally each stage will be about 300 residential blocks although this will vary depending on the nature of the topography and market demand. They will be prepared in consultation with stakeholders and, as part of the development application process, will also be formally advertised and public comment will be invited for consideration by EPSD when they are assessing each proposal.

For more information on the process to rezone the NSW component on the Gininnderry project, Parkwood click here.

NSW Rezoning (Planning Proposal) Process

The process listed below outlines the steps involved in the Planning Proposal. Every stage requires support and endorsement before the next can occur.

June 2017 – Lodge Planning Proposal with YVC
September 2017 – Council Endorse to Proceed
December 2017 – Gateway Determination Issued
May / June 2019 – Exhibition
August 2019 – Council Considers & Adopts Final Proposal
TBA 2020 – Made ‘Adopted’ by Minister

Important note: The timetable is indicative only and subject to changes such as Council and State Government and community consultation.

History of community engagement

In June 2013 the ACT Government announced an agreement with Riverview Projects (ACT), to facilitate the planning and development of new suburbs adjacent to the existing suburb of Holt in the ACT over the next 30 years. This was a significant milestone in the engagement process related to the proposed development of Ginninderry.

Riverview Projects has been consulting with key groups in the community about the proposal for a cross-border residential development since 2007. The consultation covered a wide range of topics including conservation, community services, recreation, transport, municipal services, environmental management, renewable energy and housing affordability.

Through this consultation, some key themes recurred: the desire for a range of housing options, including housing at the affordable end of the market; sustainable energy use at the household level and across the community; good public transport options and decreased reliance on cars; increased options for recreation for all people in West Belconnen; and a new development that is a natural extension of, and does not detract from, the existing suburbs of West Belconnen.

The outcomes of the early consultation were fed into the design of the engagement processes for the master planning phases of the project.

Community liaison

We have been very keen to engage with as many local people and groups as possible.  Since 2009, there have been hundreds of meetings with local residents and with community, arts and sporting groups in the area. This liaison with the community has alerted us to issues that need addressing and has also raised new ideas for the project to consider.  In particular, liaison with the local community has highlighted the importance of Ginninderry supporting and adding to the existing West Belconnen community and the surrounding suburbs of Holt, Higgins, Macgregor, Latham, Dunlop and Charnwood. Liaison has led to the formation of partnerships with local groups that will continue well into the future.

People + Places Group

In 2013, the project established a People and Places Group to provide regular, independent feedback and ideas on the proposed new community. The Group includes interested residents and community organisations from both the ACT and NSW sides of the border. The Group has provided input to the project on issues such as housing affordability, the impact of transmission lines, service delivery in Ginninderry and potential themes for naming the new suburbs and streets. The People and Places Group has been a valuable source of independent, regular advice that has strengthened the quality of the planning for the new community.

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