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Planning + Rezoning

The Riverview Group has been talking to local stakeholders for the past eight years to find out what they love about the existing community and how the area should be shaped into the future. We will continue being good neighbours by listening to local residents and stakeholder groups and responding to any queries you may have. There are many opportunities for you to get involved, have your say and find out information about the project.

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Master planning

A key step in the design stage was the development of the preliminary draft Master plan over a four-day period in November 2013, commencing with a Community and Stakeholder Vision Workshop.

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Parkwood Planning Proposal

On 17 April 2015, the NSW Government announced that the Yass Valley Council’s application for the rezoning of the Parkwood land had merit to proceed to the next step of the rezoning process. This so-called “gateway” decision in the NSW planning process included a requirement to undertake some further work on a number of aspects of the proposal prior to the commencement of community consultation.

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Project Timings

Ginninderry includes land in both the ACT and NSW. For the development to occur, the land on both sides of the border needs to be rezoned. The ACT Territory Plan Variation (DV351) was approved in 2015 with an amendment to the National Capital Plan announced in July 2016. For the NSW component of the project site, the rezoning process and community consultation phase is anticipated to commence in late 2017, with a decision anticipated in 2018.

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