Thursday 8 September 2016
By Ginninderry Project Team

Joint Venture partners, The Land Development Agency and Riverview Developments has today welcomed the announcement that the new community to be developed across the western boundary of the ACT will be named Ginninderry.

Ginninderry is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning ’sparkling’ or ‘throwing out little rays of light’. It symbolises the creek that flows through the district and is a fitting acknowledgment of both the Indigenous and European heritage of the area.

“After extensive consultation, it was decided that Ginninderry and its reference to the stunning river corridor that runs through the land, is a name that has both historical provenance and contemporary relevance,” Mr Maxwell, Director of Riverview Developments said.

Minister Yvette Berry MLA, marked the start of development and construction for the community’s multi-purpose centre at the official sod-turning ceremony.

The commencement of works in the first neighbourhood is an important milestone in the development of the new community, which so far has been referred to as West Belconnen / Parkwood.

“Commemorating this milestone today, coupled with the announcement of the name for the project is an important step forward for our development,” Mr Maxwell said.

The multi-purpose centre, called The Link, has been envisaged from its early inception as a building for the community. As such, the sustainability, adaptability and longevity of the building have been key to its design and construction.

The centre has been designed to complement the rural character of the surrounding buildings of Strathnairn and the overall vision for the emerging Ginninderry community.

“The Link will be a facility not only for the new community of Ginninderry, but also the broader West Belconnen residents,” Mr Maxwell said.

The Link, designed by noted architects Collard Clarke Jackson, will provide spaces for training, community gatherings and other project initiatives, as well as additional exhibition spaces for the Strathnairn arts community.

In the initials stages of development, it will also house the development and sales team and ultimately become a centre for the local community to use and enjoy.

The start of construction of The Link comes weeks after the announcement of Strathnairn and Macnamara as the first two suburb names and the achievement of rezoning in the ACT.

The West Belconnen development will consist of four suburbs – three in the ACT and one in New South Wales (subject to rezoning approval), with the first of these being Strathnairn and Macnamara.

With the potential to deliver up to 11,500 new homes accommodating about 30,000 people, it will set a new benchmark in liveability by building a community that provides diverse, affordable and inclusive places to live, work and play.

The first land sales release for Ginninderry is planned for early 2017.