Friday 5 May 2017
By andrew.kominek

Land within the Ginninderry Project Area and adjacent to the Murrumbidgee River is to be retained as a conservation management corridor, to be known as the Ginninderry Conservation Management Corridor.

The Corridor has intrinsic ecological, cultural and heritage values, as well as potential for passive and active recreational use.

To protect and enhance the cultural values of the Corridor, as well as to enable controlled recreational use, the Ginninderry Joint Venture proposes to establish (subject to final approvals from the Territory) a community management trust as the governing body for the Corridor.

The Trust board will have representatives from the ACT Government, Yass Valley Council and/or the NSW Government, the Joint Venture and community members invited due to their particular skills relevant to management of such an important area.

It is proposed that residents of the Ginninderry Project Area (along with others) would be eligible to become members of the Ginninderry Conservation Management Trust provided the conditions of membership were satisfied. By becoming a member of the Ginninderry Conservation Trust residents would become entitled to having a say in the management of the Corridor, plus other benefits which may include free parking and access to Corridor facilities, member only events and so on.