Friday 30 June 2017
By andrew.kominek

For the development to proceed in NSW, the land needs to be rezoned either via an amendment to the Yass Local Environment Plan (LEP) or the preparation of a new LEP for the Parkwood area. The LEP amendment process and the new LEP making process are essentially the same and involve a number of steps.

In summary, a proponent requests council to consider the rezoning of a parcel of land. If council agrees a planning proposal is prepared and submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment for a gateway determination. The ‘Gateway’ determines whether the proposal has merit and specifies any technical studies that may be required to be completed prior to community consultation.

Following consultation (now underway), the determining authority considers the technical studies and community feedback and approves or rejects the proposed amendment or new LEP. If approved, the development is allowed to proceed subject to the necessary subsequent development consents of council for progressive development stages.