Wednesday 17 August 2016
By andrew.kominek

There will ultimately be 11,500 new dwellings at Ginninderry.

It is hard to give an average block size as we are planning on providing a wide range of housing styles to reflect people’s lifestyles and budgets. Home styles will range from apartments, townhouses and sections of semi-detached and attached houses commonly referred to as semis or terraces. This style of home is typically on small blocks. Detached homes will range from cottages on compact lots through to one and two storey homes on larger blocks. Near the edge of the development where the land begins to slop there will be some quite large blocks possibly up to 1500m2 but these will not be the norm. Closer to the commercial centre there will be smaller blocks for townhouse living and unit developments. In between these we expect the average size for most of the suburban developments will be around 400-500m2.