Friday 27 April 2018
By Niva Pryor

It is the planning logic that provides the impetus for the project. As the population of the ACT grows there will be demand on existing areas of the city to provide housing accommodation. The land at West Belconnen provides new opportunities for some of this growth to occur, and the JV provides a means for this growth to be delivered.

The statutory planning document for the ACT (the Territory Plan) has sought to maintain a buffer of land between ACT suburbs and the NSW border. This limited the extent to which the Territory could continue development of new residential land in the District of Belconnen.

The Joint Venture, with the addition of the Riverview land in NSW, more than doubled the Ginninderry development footprint compared with reliance on ACT land alone – an additional 477 hectares or 5320 dwellings. This reflects not only the NSW land (3260 dwellings) but the ability, given the inclusion of the NSW land, to build houses in the ACT right up to the border (2060 dwellings) rather than leaving a buffer and only developing 3080 dwellings.

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