Friday 27 April 2018
By Niva Pryor

The Joint Venture (JV) governing Ginninderry is an undertaking between the two development entities; the ACT Government and Riverview Developments Pty Limited (Riverview) on behalf of Corkhill Brothers Pty Ltd (Corkhill).

The Ginninderry Joint Venture project reflects a set of sustainability objectives encapsulated by the vision “Creating a Sustainable Community of International Significance in the Capital Region”

The Joint Venture is a unique outcome of a concept brought to the ACT Government in 2006 by the Riverview Group, part of the Corkhill family, owners of freehold grazing land in NSW (since 1984) and adjoining grazing land in the ACT (since 2004) .

Rezoning of the ACT land was approved by the Commonwealth and Territory Governments in 2016 following comprehensive scientific research and extensive community consultation. With the addition of the Corkhill land in NSW, the Ginninderry development footprint has more than doubled compared with reliance on the ACT land alone.

The development will cross the ACT border at West Belconnen onto adjoining land in NSW. The first of its kind involving the ACT Government, the cross border project requires consideration of several zoning and planning issues to ensure the new community’s success. The project has substantial benefits for both parties, as well as future residents of Ginninderry and the broader Capital Region community.

The current planning proposals will see four suburbs (three in the ACT and one in NSW) being built with different characteristics and benefits, creating a diverse neighbourhood for residents. Eventually, over the next 30-40 years, these new suburbs will house potentially 30,000 new residents in up to 11,500 dwellings. This major enterprise has been projected to create around 4,000 jobs* and will provide up to a third of the ACT’s land supply (in addition to Gungahlin and Molonglo) to meet projected housing requirements over coming decades.

*              West Belconnen Development Employment and Economic Resilience Green Star Report 11 March 2014: