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Exhibition: A Curator Collects

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Friday 2 August 2019
By Ginninderry Project Team
31 Jul 2019 - 8 Sep 2019

A Curator collects.

The artworks on display represent a very small sample of a collection that has developed over many years. My collection is wide-ranging and diverse and includes art from the Ancient World (Egypt, Greece, Rome); Asia (China, Japan, Tibet, India, Indonesia); Africa New Guinea and Melanesia. I also collect contemporary (and occasionally) historical Australian art including paintings, prints, ceramics, and sculpture. Individual works have been purchased, gifted or given in lieu of payment for curatorial services. Our house (and my office) is full of art but I still collect and can’t see any reason to stop! Each piece holds a special meaning for me and I gain a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure living and working with so many examples of man’s continuing creative imagination.

-Peter Haynes, Art Curator.


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