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Exhibition: A Change of Clothes

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Thursday 17 May 2018
By Ginninderry Project Team
23 May 2018 - 17 Jul 2018

A Change of Clothes is an immersive exhibition that raises awareness of the devastating environmental and social impacts of global fast fashion and presents options for how consumers can dress for good.

The works presented, celebrate natural fibre fabrics, botanical dyes and prints in distinctive home-ware, apparel and accessories. Colour manipulation, as well as dyes extracted from kitchen and garden waste is a feature. Apparel items are classic in style and constructed of high quality, luxury fibres for longevity.

Everyone wears clothes and in this exhibition there is a rack of garments you can try on as well as a quilt to wrap up in while watching a short film on natural dyeing techniques.



A Change of Clothes 

24 May to 18 July 2018


The Link, Ginninderry

90 Stockdill Road, Holt (next door to Strathnairn Arts)

Monday—Friday 9am—5pm         

Saturday & Sunday 10am—2pm



Barbara Wheeler (artist)


website + program of events



About the artist

Barbara Wheeler’s practice is a local response to global fast fashion’s pollution, exploitation and waste.  She has engaged her own life skills of permaculture gardening, tinkering, designing and making clothes to build a brand, every thread counts, that offers slow clothing, skills and information.

Barbara has been a resident of Canberra for 30 years, growing food and habitat plants on her suburban block in Watson.

She has a background in cultural planning, heritage conservation and community arts.

During 2000’s Barbara’s volunteer work with Majura Primary School led the community to develop a masterplan for whole of school revitalisation and environmental sustainability. This resulted in investments in functional public art, climate hardening infrastructure upgrades, the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, student recycling programs, play space and garden upgrades. Barbara was also awarded Volunteer of the Year, Leadership, Strategic Planning and Project Management, ACT Department of Education and Training in 2008.

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