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Clothing Revival by Jane Milburn of Textile Beat

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Tuesday 5 June 2018
By Ginninderry Project Team
15 Jun 2018
12:00am - 3:00am

We explore fresh ways of dressing by upcycling existing natural-fibre garments. The clothing surplus in wardrobes and op shops presents a creative opportunity to revive, adapt and mend garments to suit ourselves while exploring unique style. Sometimes we hold on to clothes that do not fit us anymore or need some TLC. This workshop is for beginners and intermediate sewists interested in simple upcycling techniques. Bring along a few garments that need a fix, we discuss options and enact changes using hand-stitching techniques within the time available. (If you have a hand-sewing kit of scissors and haberdashery please also bring along but basic requirements provided if not.)

Tickets Available here:

Textile Beat aims to inspire a creative approach to the way we dress, through slow clothing philosophy. We believe in ethical, sustainable choices that don’t harm people or the planet. With these upcycling sessions, we aim to provide opportunities to explore creativity while rediscovering the pleasure and mindfulness of making something for yourself to wear. The intangible health benefits of creativity and working with your hands have been underestimated in a world with on-demand designed lifestyles. We like to know the story about where clothing comes from and believe in care and repair, refashion and restyle of existing clothing using simple sewing skills. We encourage you to slow down, take stock and consider the substance of clothes, not just the style. Become conscious of your wardrobe: buy less, choose natural fibres, mend what you have, value story, love second-hand and vintage, refuse cheap fashion, avoid toxic dyes, read labels, restyle what you have, share and swap, or buy ethical brands.

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