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Being an all-electric community (link to All Electric Suburb Trial) means that instead of using gas stoves, homes at Ginninderry will be fitted with induction cooktops. This is a great thing for you. Induction cooktops are the preferred choice of professional chefs; they heat faster and change temperature more responsively, they’re more energy efficient than other options, they’re safer to use, and they look great and are easy to clean. Using induction makes kitchen life easier in every way.

Check out this video demonstration with  Alaine Chanter from Foodish Cooking School and well-known chef David Wei from Mr Wei’s Restaurant:

Or this demonstration with Daana Restaurants head chef Sanjay Kumar:

You can find more info on induction here

Using induction is just one of many Home Energy Solutions Ginninderry is implementing for our all-electric community. Read about the others here.

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