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In a first for the ACT, a Territory Plan waiver has been granted to allow an all-electric pilot project to occur for stage 1 of Ginninderry, which includes approximately 350 dwellings. We are eager to run this trial as part of our commitment to sustainability at Ginninderry.

The Ginninderry team have been working with Evoenergy (formerly ActewAGL distribution) over a number of years to explore a range of energy options for the development. Stage 1 residents will be able to access a complete Home Energy Package, including mandatory solar panels and energy management systems which together with high-efficiency appliances, will allow residents to keep an eye on their energy usage while helping them to save money on their home energy.

The Ginninderry Energy Pilot Project will allow Evoenergy, the ACT Government and the Ginninderry Joint Venture the ability to not only analyse the environmental and economic impact of a fully electric residential area, but also the impact on the electricity grid when a large proportion of solar panels are installed within a suburb.

Whilst gas may not be reticulated to homes, a gas main will be installed on the main road that could provide for the future schools and market centre. This main may also enable reticulation of gas to homes if deemed appropriate at a future point in time.

Being all-electric means we’ve come up with alternative home energy solutions to replace the function performed by gas. Read more about them here.

The full story of the announcement is available here.


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