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This block is a demonstration of environment protection measures that should be considered during construction of a house.

Sediment controls assist in filtering sediment (soil, sand and dust), and preventing it from entering the stormwater system. Without effective erosion and sediment control, large amounts of soil can be lost from a building site causing hazards, nuisance, environmental degradation, and damage to infrastructure. Sediment in our waterway pollutes our creeks, lakes and rivers and has a major impact on water quality, aquatic plants and animals.

Erosion and sediment control measures can include site stabilisation (including vegetation and stabilised access point), sediment barriers, stockpile management.

For the homeowner’s protection it is essential that you have a perimeter fence (to restrict access to your site) and control all runoff from your site, other than sediment which could include items such as paints, cement and other chemicals used in construction.

Please remember you as the homeowner and your builder in control of the property have the responsibility to ensure that environment protection measures are in place before work commences and are adequately maintained throughout construction.

Here at Ginninderry we are working closely with the Environmental Protection Agency to help promote better outcomes in relation to sediment and erosion control. For further details please view signage provided at the demonstration block.

1. Sediment Control Barrier

2. Cut/Wash Area

3. Stockpile Area

4. Perimeter banks/catch drains

5. Stabilised Access

6. Perimeter fence

7. Notice about building work

8. On site waste enclosure

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