Statement: Green Waste Facility Relocation

The Ginninderry Joint Venture (GJV) supports the ACT Government’s decision to relocate the existing green waste facility on Parkwood Road to Government-owned land on Stockdill Drive, Belconnen.

Located within the West Belconnen Resource Management Centre (WBRMC) boundary, the ACT Government initially planned to close the existing facility at the end of 2020 to allow GJV to commence adaptive re-use of the land. Whilst ultimately subject to a separate planning approval process, initial thinking for regeneration of the WBRMC include, but is not limited to:

  • Walking and cycleways.
  • A mountain bike precinct.
  • An urban farm and community garden.
  • Sporting fields.
  • Open space.
  • Dog park.
  • Community and education facilities, etc.

The closure of the existing facility was then delayed to 30 June 2021. However, in the lead-up to this closure, it is understood that over 2000 Canberrans signed an e-petition stating their desire to keep a green waste facility in the Belconnen region. As a result, the Parkwood Road facility remained open while the government undertook a process to identify a suitable alternative location.

The proposed location is Block 1582, Belconnen, accessed from Stockdill Drive. The GJV notes community concerns in relation to factors such as odour and traffic implications. The proposed location is situated over 1200m from the nearest residential dwelling in Strathnairn, 200m more than the Environment Protection Authority’s recommended separation distance to provide an adequate odour buffer.

The GJV has committed to road upgrades such as widening, intersection and signalling improvements along key routes (e.g., Pro Hart Avenue and Drake Brockman Drive) once traffic volumes reach the required thresholds. Independent Traffic Impact Assessments Reports will inform the timing of these works building on Ginninderry’s Technical Traffic Report completed in 2014.

With the proposed relocation of the green waste facility, there will be an increase in traffic volumes that may result in the need to bring some of these improvement works forward. The GJV will work constructively with the ACT Government to see what measures can be undertaken early to mitigate impacts should the facility be approved in the new location.

Finally, the GJV believes that the proposed green waste facility is an important facility serving a need of the broader Belconnen community. The ongoing provision of the service aligns with Ginninderry’s vision to build a sustainable community by providing our residents, and residents more broadly, an opportunity to discard their green waste appropriately.