Meet the Builders of Ginninderry – Part Twelve: PBS

A select number of local builders have been hand-picked to bring the master planned vision for Ginninderry to life. All of the builders were assessed against a number of criteria, in particular their desire and ability to add to the vision for Ginninderry, as well as offering exceptional value for money and quality.

Our Meet the Builders series will help you to get to know our builders ahead of the release of their house and land packages for sale in 2017. In the thirteenth and final installment of our question and answer series, we sit down with Adam Moore from PBS.

Give us a bit of background on you, your company and your story to date.

Formd by PBS is excited to introduce to the Canberra market, an exclusive range of innovative, sustainable and efficient homes, specifically designed to meet the requirements of Ginninderry.

PBS is a trusted, and well-known family business based in Canberra. Formally known as Prestige Building Service, the company was established in the late 1980s, with a mission to build quality homes for Canberra families.

PBS launched a Sydney office on the back of being a substantial contributor to the construction of the Sydney Olympic Village in the late 1990s, before opening an office in South east Queensland in 2007. With over 30 years’ experience, PBS has built an enviable reputation based on trust, integrity, and deliverability.

During the last three decades, PBS has gained substantial experience in design management, buildability, and project delivery. The company has successfully grown the business of repeat customer advocacy, delivering valued solutions in residential developments, high caliber commercial products, retirement living and aged care.

PBS is regularly recognised by industry leading bodies, including the Master Builders of Australia for its consistent delivery of quality, innovative building solutions.

What type of homes will you be involved in building at Ginninderry?

PBS is about innovative solutions; we are about providing a home that is exceptionally liveable, sustainable, and environmentally responsible. The best bit is, we want this range of homes to be in everyone’s reach!  We want the Ginninderry purchasers to experience our vision and passion, and our mission is to do this without any compromise on quality.

PBS will offer a selection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes, both single and double storey, with an impressive range of living innovations and a surprisingly high level of finishes.

What do you think makes the Ginninderry development different?

Ginninderry is a landmark development for the Canberra region. With ever increasing pressure on housing affordability and access to amenities, Ginninderry offers an exciting new way of living. The passion for sustainability and a commitment by developers to provide innovative solutions, results in a truly dynamic community.

PBS aligns with the long-term vision for Ginninderry, which is to create a master planned suburb that fully considers a range of new technologies and innovations. The use of smart energy technologies such as solar power, thermal innovations and water designs will truly maximize the benefits to home owners. PBS is perfectly placed to deliver on this vision.

Why did you want to be involved in this development?

The core values of the PBS team are to ‘inspire, innovate and deliver’, which is in perfect harmony with Ginninderry’s promise to ‘inspire a new way of living’. The synergy here is something we simply couldn’t ignore.

PBS has a proven history of delivering innovative and award-winning homes. Participating in Ginninderry is a natural progression of the PBS brand: trusted, celebrated and professional.

We want to be involved in Ginninderry to offer an exclusive and exciting range of innovative homes, at an affordable price.  We are proud to be a part of this evolving community and can’t wait to unveil Formd.

What do you love about working in construction?

We love creating homes for people.  We have been committed to the Canberra community for over 30 years; and as our own families have grown in this time, so have the families we met along the way. Our passion for delivering excellence has not changed, but our desire to always seek out innovative procedures has continually grown. But quite possibly what we are most passionate about, is having the opportunity to deliver an affordable solution, without compromising on amenities and quality outcomes.

It is for these reasons PBS has been trusted to deliver housing solutions for over 30 years. We can’t wait to build the same legacy in Ginninderry for you!