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As Ginninderry grows to its final population of about 30,000 people, shops and services will grow with it. The first stage of the Ginninderry community will include a multi-purpose centre, known as The Link at Ginninderry, with a proposed general store providing day-to-day necessities, a café and a variety of other community services. Eventually it will be large enough to sustain a range of facilities that will serve the local neighbourhood as well as the broader West Belconnen population.

Initially, Ginninderry residents will shop at nearby centres, with The Link at Ginninderry there to top up supplies as necessary. For regular food and grocery shopping, Kippax is just a few minutes’ drive. Westfield Shopping Centre, with its department stores, specialty shops and range of entertainment offerings, is a 10-minute drive away in Belconnen Town Centre. New shops and other facilities will be added as more residents move in.

When completed, Ginninderry will have:

  • a retail and commercial centre of similar size to Kippax
  • spaces for informal meeting and gathering, such as cafes, restaurants and picnic areas
  • indoor spaces for community activities, programs and services such as community halls
  • medical services such as GP’s and related core health services
  • childcare and some family support services
  • pre-schools and a number of primary and high schools
  • local leisure and entertainment facilities, such as restaurants
  • places of worship
  • sporting and recreation facilities
  • larger areas of open space for active and passive recreation.
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