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Situated to the west of Belconnen and soon to be released, Ginninderry is the most exciting new community in Canberra. Just a few minutes drive from Belconnen, it offers you the chance to build a new and rewarding life within a stunning location and vibrant community.

At Ginninderry, we’ve designed a series of compact, walkable neighbourhoods with supporting community infrastructure. You can upgrade, downsize, or simply get into the market in an urban ‘place’ unlike any other in the country.

Introducing flexi-living

‘Old’ Canberra was built for a different era. It was a time of bigger households, lower petrol prices and a happy belief that the environment would look after itself. Today, even our much-loved older suburbs need to change. They need more people to make facilities like schools and shops viable. Today, more than half the households in Canberra have just one or two people. So the tradition of building only detached homes on large blocks doesn’t really make sense.


Offering a diverse range of innovative housing options and adopting best practice design principles at Ginninderry, is central to the project’s vision and a high priority for the team responsible for bringing this community to life.


In meeting this challenge, we are considering what the population of Canberra (now and into the future) will want from their community and housing, taking into account our busy lifestyles, our desire to see greater sustainability “built in” to our places and homes, our focus on energy and water efficiency, our respect for the environment and our aspirations to spend more quality time on things that matter.


One of the ways that we will ensure diversity is by offering what we call ‘flexi-living’ – a range of flexible housing options. These will include interlocking, individually titled homes sharing garaging between street and lane frontages.

Benefits of options like these include:

  • lower price points
  • reduced costs of maintenance due to smaller lot and housing sizes
  • reduced costs of operation – less heating, less cooling, lower rates and other running costs
  • more thoughtful designs that maximise the use of space, making the internal floor plans more effective and efficient
  • less landscape to provide and maintain.

While a high percentage of homes will still be detached homes on more traditional blocks, maximising space through innovative designs and clever fit-outs in locations near parks and transport routes is exactly what Ginninderry is trying to achieve.

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