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The Ginninderry community will be unique in our region. It extends across the ACT/NSW* border to the west of Belconnen and includes the newly named suburbs of Strathnairn and Macnamara. Ginninderry is being developed by a Joint Venture between the ACT Government and Riverview Developments Pty Ltd, the NSW* land owners. From the start, our vision for Ginninderry has been to build a community of international significance, with innovation, diversity and ecological criteria at its core. Now we’re bringing this vision to life.

*NSW is subject to rezoning approval.

Just what Canberra needs

Ginninderry has been planned with an eye to the future. Around 30,000 people will one day make their home in this spectacular setting, alongside the Murrumbidgee River Conservation Corridor. The community will grow over 30 years, at the rate of three or four hundred homes a year, to an eventual total of 11,500 homes.

This will be a community with a difference, designed to cater to Canberra’s changing needs as a growing city. While our traditional suburbs have served us well, they were built in a different time. It was a time of bigger households, lower housing cost and more dependence on our cars. We’ve spoken to people about how they want to live now and designed Ginninderry accordingly. As well as traditional blocks for family homes, there’ll be compact designs perfect for smaller households and people who want a low-maintenance home.

Looking ahead

The Ginninderry project will be important in meeting housing demand in the ACT and neighbouring areas. Planned facilities include new schools, shops, the heritage farmhouse precinct and new community infrastructure, such as halls, child care centres and medical centres. Sustainable transport will be the number one choice.

The services and facilities at Ginninderry will benefit new residents and people already living in surrounding areas. As the community grows, the demand for new services will stimulate the local economy over many years into the future. New businesses will be encouraged to set up in Ginninderry and surrounds, including renewable energy and other innovative businesses. Value-add infrastructure such as solar power and some stormwater recycling for irrigation of public parks and spaces will also be provided. The use of innovative technologies, flexible planning and modern infrastructure will ensure that resources are used efficiently and provide the framework for a resilient community that evolves over time.

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